What is In Home Dental Hygiene Services? 

This unique mobile service with licensed dental hygienist, Mindy Voigt, RDHAP, brings professional dental care to the comfort of your home.

Upon arriving at the scheduled time, Mindy confirms the positioning of her patient in an available recliner, bed, or reclining wheelchair. Room is required adjacent to her patient’s right shoulder for her to work from. (Please note: Moving or transferring the patient is the responsibility of the patient or caregiver).

She will often use available pillows for relaxing support of the head and neck. Heavier blankets when needed, add to a feeling of warmth and security. And finally, the use of favorite music selections, lighting adjustments, quiet spaces, and/or pets are encouraged to promote optimum comfort and well-being.

Every detail is considered … From the use of essential oils for aroma therapy in her hand sanitizer, to giving samples of the quality products that she has recommended.

The average appointment for a dental cleaning ranges from 40 minutes to an hour. Family members and caregivers are welcome at the appointment, and often gain increased confidence and knowledge in helping with the daily oral hygiene needs.